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Apr. 19th, 2010

Cary Grant


I knit a pair of gloves for the CFO of my company for her birthday and she sent me an email thinking me.  But then I saw her wearing them today!! And not in a "I know Serenity's coming so I better put them on" sort of way, in a totally random she had them on sort of way. And she said they were comfy and warm and very pretty. So yay!  I'm glad when my handmade gifts are well received.  

Feb. 23rd, 2010

Cary Grant


I had to knit to 12" so I kept knitting and knitting and measuring and knitting and knitting some more. Yesterday I measured and I was at 10.5.  Today I measured and I was at 13"!!!  THIRTEEN INCHES! I knit a whole extra inch!! How the heck did that happen???? I have no idea and now I've got to rip back a whole inch. How annoying!!  All that wasted effort!  arrrgh!

Oh, I had a knitting dream last night. Sort of. I was walking around Niagara Falls with a friend and there was a guy ahead of us in the crowd who was wearing this fantastic handknit sweater. He was wearing it over a shirt and vest and it sort of wrapped around and tied, but in a manly way, not like a women's wrap sweater.  And it was made out of this wonderful rustic yarn. It was an amazing sweater. I leaned over to my friend and commented on the fantastic sweater he was wearing and then I said "And he's pretty good looking, too!" and the guy turned around and over the entire crowd said, "Your voice really carries." and I was embarrassed because he heard me.  

Feb. 19th, 2010

Cary Grant


I just got a surprise in the mail from a friend. Two skeins of "Corny Goodness" an Ingeo corn fiber yarn. It's very interesting. Naturually non-microbal, odor resistant and anti-bacterial.  It feels sort of like a hemp/cotton blend. She sent me two skeins, a light blue and a light green. 

Only thing now is: what to do with them?

Jan. 20th, 2010



I've been listening to this podcast about a guy who knits called "It's a Purl, Man". It's really fun. He calls his fiance his "Pumpkin". He's hilarious. Anyway, he was interviewing people at a Knit Out in NYC and a woman from Philly said her local yarn store was The Tangled Web in Chestnut Hill, Philadelphia and I got all nostalgic and now I'm going to tell you the story of my first local yarn store.

I taught myself to knit when I was around 19 or 20, mostly out of sheer boredom. I was a live in nanny and only went out on weekends so I had a lot of spare time.  I remember I had a giant skein of blue acrylic my mother had given me along with some needles.  I found a book at the library that had a section on lefty knitting and I went at it.  The first thing I made was a giant blue garter stitch scarf for my mom.  I just kept knitting and knitting with that yarn. I never used it up. But then I decided I wanted to make a hat for a baby.  So I needed yarn. But I was living in downtown Philly without a car and I couldn't get to a Michael's or JoAnne's to buy more acrylic. At the bottom of the hill near the bus stop by where I worked was a yarn shop called The Tangled Web. I'd walked by it before and admired all the pretty stuff in the window, but I had never dreamed of going in before. But now it was that or nothing. So I walked in one day.

It was NOTHING like a craft store.  It was small and cozy.  Yarn was in bushel baskets on the floor, piled on tables, stuck into bins in the walls.  So many different kinds of yarns, all so beautiful and soft. There were so many gorgeous needles and gadgets and books.  I was overwhelmed. A very nice and very patient woman asked if she could help me and I said I was thinking of making a baby hat. I was a new knitter and could knit and purl and that was about it. I was not ready to knit in the round, not at all. So she found me a simple baby hat pattern that used two colours and alternated stockinette and reverse stockinette to make different coloured bands. A scary step forward, but I was willing to try it.  And she helped me pick out the right size yarn and needles and explained about gauge. She was wonderful.  I was a bit shocked at how much the yarn was (Like $6 a skein!!!!) but I loved what I picked out (a hot pink and then a pink and orange variegated. This baby wore bright colours) and I was very excited to try my new project.  Plus, it was WOOL and not acrylic and it wasn't itchy!! And I was in love with yarn shops.  I've had several other LYS since then  (right now I adore The Wooly Lamb in East Aurora) but The Tangled Web will always have a special place in my heart. You never forget your first love!

My first baby hat turned out adorable, by the way. I remember having to frog it several times before I got it right, but it was cute in the end. I made two hats out of that yarn, too!  I wish I had a scanner because I know I have a photo of my first hat in an album somewhere.

Jan. 19th, 2010

Cary Grant

Hello again!

Wow, it has seriously been ages since I even thought about this, but since I've been listening to all these knitting podcasts and I've been knitting every second I get lately, I feel the need to blog. I already posted on my regular LJ, callmeserenity  about a thing or two, but I need to stop doing that and focus all my knitting blogginess here.

Anyway, so here's what's up with me these days.  I have so many knitting projects that I WANT to knit that I get frustrated trying to finish what I am knitting. I can't knit fast enough!  I know everybody feels that way sometimes. So, I've decided to let myself keep 4 projects on the needles at all times.  4 different types of projects.  And they are: sweater, sock, fix and gift.

So, for my sweater I'm currently working on this lovely oversized shrug that will end up being like a sort of long sleeved wrap instead of a typical short tight fitting shrug.  I'm making it out of my lime green Debbie Bliss tweed that I have tried to make into other things and refuses to be anything nice. I really hope this works because I love this yarn and desperately want to wear it and I spent a small fortune on it so DANGNABIT it is going to become something!!!  Ahem. Plus, I really want to finish this so I can start the gorgeous kimono style sweater I'm dying to make out of this beautiful cranberry red merino/silk/alpaca yarn my sister got me for Christmas.  And then after that, I want to make this wrap sweater in a turquoise colour. I have my whole sweater year planned out.

Socks right now isn't socks, but leg warmers I'm making out of a self striping turquoise/grey sock yarn.  I need legwarmers. I've actually put them aside for a bit as I work on a pair of wrist warmers out of this goreous black alpaca wool that nezoc  got me for Christmas. I have one done and I've started the second, in less than a week, so they're a quick knit. And SO WARM.  And today someone picked up the finished one and said how gorgeous it was, so yay.  But as soon as these are done, back to the legwarmers. I want to be able to wear them at least once this season.  But I have at least 3 pairs of socks calling to me to be knit, so I need to get going with the legwarmers!!

My fix project is a pair of socks I knit last year when I was first learning toe up socks and I totally botched the heels. So I'm ripping them back to the heel and redoing them. But since I had so much yarn leftover, I've decided to knit them up taller, see if I can make them knee highs. When I finish these, I have to finish my argyle sweater vest. The front turned out great, but the back is driving me batty. The first time it was too big, then it was too small so I'm knitting it up for the THIRD TIME. And then I have to seam it together AGAIN and do ribbing. It's my I WANT TO KILL IT project but I worked so hard on it I WILL FINISH IT!!! And hopefully before the spring.

My gifts I probably won't talk too much about for obviously reason. I don't want to ruin surprises.  But I usually have at least one gift going for someone at any one time.  I always have great ideas about what I'm going to make people for birthdays/Christmas/whatever but whether those ever get started or done on time is another thing altogether.

So, as you can see, I'm a busy knitting bee and I have so much I want to accomplish in the next couple of months.  I'll post pictures of finished projects as I get to them. Or, I'll try to at least. I can be a slacker about removing pictures off my camera. I really need to work on that.

Jun. 19th, 2008

Cary Grant

Overdue update

Wow. How long has it been since I've updated here?  Way too long. It's not that I haven't been knitting, it's that I've mostly been working on my sweater, which I'm nearly done with.

  I just have to finish knitting the collar and then do one more sleeve and then sew the sleeves on. PRAY I have enough yarn. I bought two extra skein back in January and it looks like it's going to be touch and go.  I might just barely have enough. See, the problem is, since I bought the yarn so long ago, it's going to be hard to match the same lot number.  argh.

When I finish that, I have to finish the fingerless gloves I'm making for Tom.  

They're not time consuming, they're just done on very small needles.

And then I get to start the 9 block baby blanket I'm making for a Mai-relative.  I have the yarn, it's going to be cute! 

I have been going through another dish cloth phase. I've put out half a dozen in the last few weeks:

It doesn't help that embers_log sent me a whole bunch of cotton yarn.  lol.  Like I needed any help feeding my addiction!! 

And, I haven't knit a Jayne hat in weeks. I really should get some knit to be ready for orders. The closer we get to D*C, the more orders I'll probably get. 

I have to hurry and finish my current projects because it's time to start Christmas projects already.  It never ends!!

Mar. 1st, 2008

Cary Grant

New Projects

Since I moved, I haven't had much else to do BUT knit. I ran out of jayne hat yarn and had to order more, I finished a pair of wrist warmers (I'll try to get a picture of them up soon, it's hard to take a picture of your own hands) and have been working on a cable knit sweater jacket in this gorgeous spring green tweed.

This picture lets you see the cables better:

I love it, it's fun to do.  And what I love is that the cables go sideways. The bottom ribbing is actually the side of the jacket, so the cables wrap around the back and then go down the arms. Really neat. 

I'm also working on a reversible cabled scarf. I'll take a picture of that when I'm done with it, and then I can't wait to get started on more socks. I love the socks I made already, they're warm and comfy and now that I've had a trial, I know how to make socks that fit MY feet, so I can adapt patterns to get a better fit. That appeals to me, as most socks are too long and big for me, I buy girls' sized sport socks. It's not that my feet are so incredibly tiny, it's that sock sizes are so generic.

Anyway, I also got yarn in to knit a scarf for a 76th'er.  It's going to be like the red scarf Mal wears in The Message, only knit and blue instead of red (because of his rank, whatever it is, I dunno.)  I'm just going to do a simple garter stitch kind of loose so it's stretchy and breathable. I'm doing it out of Brown Sheep cotton fleece, which I haven't had the opportunity to use before. 

Oh, and I'm also knitting a pair of fingerless gloves in a lovely brown tweed for Tristan to wear with his 76th uniform.  I just started that last night.

So, busy knitting bee, that's me!  More pictures to come!! 

Feb. 1st, 2008


current projects

 I finished the socks I was making for myself with the leftover Les yarn. They turned out just nice. I've been wearing them to bed and they keep my toes toasty warm.  I've got to take a picture of them.

And now I've started a pair of wristwarmers with leftover Les glove yarn (I've got all this leftover yarn, I might as well use it for something, right?  lol)  I don't have a pattern. I'm just going to knit a tube and do a buttonhold for the thumb. I've doing a k4p4 for the wrists since the yarn is so tiny and it's more fun than a k2p2 and then I think I'll just go into straight knit when I hit the hand (and I think I'll have to add stitches) and then finish back with a rib at the top.  I'm playing it by ear, so who knows? They may suck completely.  But I think it'll be nice to have something to help keep my fingers warm. My fingers are always cold.

I'm also still working on a reversible cable scarf. I want to take a picture of that, too. It's a pretty yarn.  

I have several hat orders to work on, too. I've been SO busy lately, it's really hard finding time to get must done. I'm hoping this weekend to finish one hat and then start another.

Jan. 24th, 2008

Cary Grant

Sweater Disaster

I've finally finished sewing all the pieces of my sweater together.  I tried it on and the right side is all wonky. Obviously I did something wrong, but I'm not sure what, but I missed something up when I decreased around the armholes. I can't imagine how much work it's going to take to take it all apart and fix it. I'd have to unravel the collar, take the sleeve off and pull out the seam on the whole right side, redo the whole right side and then put it all back together again.  So much work, for naught.  I'm so upset I can't even bear to begin.  And so goes my first attempt at knitting a sweater.

At least I have another Jayne hat order and a new scarf I'm knitting to work on for now.  Maybe if I put it away for a few weeks, I'll feel better about it.  I was so looking forward to having it all done tonight and wearing it to work tomorrow. All that was left to do was sew on the buttons.  :(

Jan. 16th, 2008


spiral socks

I'm knitting myself a pair of socks from the leftover Les sock yarn.  And the yarn is striping in the neatest way, it's spiraling down the leg.  I gotta figure out how to take a picture of it. It's really fun. I hope it does it for the whole sock, but I'll probably throw the pattern off when I turn the heel. 

Now if only I could figure out how to do it again, in a red and white stripe! That'd be fun! 

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